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World Best Online Casino Roulette: Play for Free and for Real Money

World Best Online Casino Roulette: Play for Free and for Real Money

Online roulette is one of the most popular table games around. It has many fans worldwide thanks to its straightforward rules and simplicity of mechanics. Basically, to play online roulette, you don’t have to have any special skills or experience. Even if you have never tried this game in those brick-and-mortar casinos, you are unlikely to have any issues with learning its basics.

Types of Roulette: The Variations that You Can Play in Various Online Casinos

Casino sites that you can find across the internet, allow you to play various versions of roulette games that might be interesting to you. Below you can find a description of the most popular roulette titles to make it easier for you to choose one.

European Roulette

This is a classic roulette game with numbers starting from 1 to 36 and with a single 0 section. This type of online roulette for real money gives you the opportunity to make standard bets on numbers, a series of numbers, red or black, odd or even, etc. The house edge of the European version is 2.70%, which is a relatively low value and can be compared to blackjack games, where the house edge is normally around 2%.

An American Roulette Variation

When you play this version of the roulette game, you won’t find many differences between the American and European versions. However, there is one thing that makes it not as attractive as European online roulette games.

In the American version of classic roulette, there are two zero sections (so-called “double-zero roulette”), which means that the house edge is increased. Therefore, instead of 2.70% of the house edge in European roulette, you will deal with 5.26% in the American version.

French Roulette

Almost every online casino offers this type of roulette in both RNG-based and live casino versions. It is similar to the European type, but has some additional features that help the French roulette game stand out from the range of other roulette variations. In particular, there are two features like “La Partage” and “En Prison”. Those are French words for “share” and “In Prison”.

The first means that if the ball lands on zero, the casino will share half of your losses with you. In the case of the “En Prison” situation, you can win back your stake amount if the ball lands on zero. You place the next bet, and if you win, you can get back your “En Prison” stake amount. If you play French roulette, you deal with the same roulette table as if you were playing the European version.

Multi-Ball roulette

This is not another roulette game, but the basic principles remain the same. You can play for real money with up to three balls. This increases your chances of winning, but you should also keep in mind that your winnings will be divided into the number of balls. For instance, if you play with three balls, the payout will be divided into three.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

If you want to spice up your online gambling experience, you will definitely pay attention to this type of roulette game. It is played like a standard roulette, but you can bet on up to eight wheels, which increases your chances of winning.

The game mechanics are pretty clear. If two or more wheels land on the same number, you win. When playing this type of roulette for real money, you can significantly increase the volume of stakes, which makes it a good solution for bonus wagering.

Useful Tips

If you are going to play online roulette games, our experts are going to provide you with some pieces of advice. Below you can find some useful tips that will help you avoid troubleshooting.

Learn More about Roulette Variations

Before you even start playing, it is important for you to check all the versions of roulette that are available on a particular gambling site. The most popular variations are European, American, and French roulette. Before picking one, you need to consider the winning odds and learn all the key features of each one.

Choose Outside Bets

The best winning odds are related to outside bets like black/red, odd/even, etc. When you play the European version of roulette, your winning odds are 2.70%, but when you deal with something outside, your winning expectations are almost around 50% as when you bet on red or black, for instance, there are only two options on the wheel. However, you should also consider the “Zero” section, which slightly decreases your chances.

Combine Various Types of Bets

Another good recommendation that you can take note of is a combination of bets. You can mix inside and outside bets to improve your chances. For instance, you can also combine numbers that will include, for instance, four numbers per round if you place your bet in a corner.

Don’t Pay Too Much Attention to Hot and Cold Numbers

Some roulette for real money games allow you to see so-called “hot and cold” numbers. As you may guess, “hot” means those numbers that are expected to occur with the highest probability. The cold ones, in turn, are numbers that are less likely to hit. They may give you some bright ideas about your future expectations, but we would not recommend paying too much attention to those “hints.” As the random number generator works randomly, you never know which number will be hit in the next round. Therefore, we do not recommend using this indicator.

Try Various Strategies but Don’t Rely on Them

If you play roulette for real money, you can use various strategies that are designed to improve your results. There are plenty of such systems across various themed websites that might improve your chances. You can try most of them with a small investment. However, you should keep in mind that none of them guarantee winnings.

The most popular roulette system is known as the Martingale. This is a money management system that requires you to double your bet size each time you lose. To use Martingale, you should choose outside bets like black or red, for example.

Imagine that you placed a $1 bet on the red and you lost the round. The next bet should be $2 and you should choose red too. If you lose this round, you should bet $4 according to the Martingale system and still choose red. Once you win, your final payout will be higher than your losses per stake. The strategy seems to be ideal, but there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind before picking this strategy. First and foremost, the losing streak can be too long and “eat up” a significant part of your investments if you make any mistakes in calculating your financial capabilities.

Another reason to be careful with Martingale is the max bet. Most online casinos know about this strategy, and they tend to prevent gamblers from using it widely.

Manage your Funds Properly

Many gamblers do not know how to manage their funds. They tend to make the most of it, trying to place huge bets. You should learn how to allocate your funds in order to avoid those situations, in which you can lose control over your money. 

We would recommend you to plan your casino spendings in advance. You should know how much you are ready to lose per round, per day or per month. This will prevent you from lose more that you can afford. 

Online RNG-Based Roulette vs Live Casino Roulette

Real money roulette games can be of two types: RNG-based and live casino games. RNG-based games are powered by a special feature called a random number generator. This means that the outcome of each particular round is calculated by a special function that gives random results each time.

How to check if this type of game is fair? You might think that the casino or software providers manipulate those games somehow. However, most of those games are certified. This means that the independent auditors monitor them to confirm that the games are fair.

When it comes to live casino software, you deal with the most transparent type of online casino games. Live games are broadcast from specially equipped studios where live dealers deal cards or spin the roulette. This kind of game is very similar to what you can see in any of those land-based casinos.

There is also an option that allows you to play free roulette games without any investment. Most gambling sites allow you to use demo play mode, which is an opportunity for you to try this kind of game for free, test all its features, and even play for fun.

You should keep in mind that the demo is available for RNG-based games only. You can play live dealer software for real money only.

How to Choose the Best Online Casino to Play Roulette Games Online

There are plenty of online casinos around, and it will take time to choose the best one. Our experts have put together some important criteria that will help you make a reasonable choice. Below you can find some of the most important parameters that you can consider when picking the best gambling site to play roulette:

  1. Pay attention to the license and game certification. The best online casinos should be regulated by some trustworthy global organisations like Curacao, Malta, Gibraltar, and others. If you deal with licensed online casinos, your rights are protected by a third-party organization, which becomes an intermediary between you and the gambling site in case of any dispute.
  2. The best online casinos should have enough games to play. The range of titles is very important, as the more games you have at your hand, the more pleasure you can have in the future. Most of them have the same mechanics as slots machines, for instance. However, even if slots look similar, they may have some attractive in-game features that you may like to try.
  3. Pick online casino with a well-established software provider only. Online casinos do not create games on their own. They make agreements with various software providers. Some of the best online casinos cooperate with dozens of software providers to give you a broader choice of games.
  4. Pay attention to the range of banking options. Most online casinos allow you to deposit and withdraw funds using credit and debit cards, electronic wallets, cryptocurrencies, bank wire, etc. It is recommended to opt for those casinos that accept payment methods that are comfortable for you. Also, keep in mind that withdrawal speed may vary depending on a particular payment method. For instance, if you choose electronic wallets, the withdrawal procedure may take up to one hour. If you deal with bank wire, cash-outs may take up to 7 business days.
  1. Test the customer service. Before you even think about creating an account with any online casino, you should check with their support team. Ask them any questions about the casino activities and check the speed of their response as well as how detailed their answers are.
  2. Mobile compatibility is a must. Nowadays most online casinos allow you to play any games using a smartphone or tablet. Mobile gambling allows you to play on the go from wherever you are.

How to Start Playing Online Roulette: A Brief Guide

Below you can find some instructions on how to launch your first roulette game, given that you have found the best casino to play at:

  1. Go to the official website and start the registration procedure. In most cases, you will be asked to provide the gambling site with your active email address and/or mobile phone number. You should also create a strong password that will protect your account from any type of intrusion.
  2. Once you have completed the previous step, you can proceed with depositing funds. You need to log in to your account and choose the payment method that you think is most comfortable for you.
  3. After picking the payment method, you need to indicate the amount you want to deposit. Make sure, the sum is above the minimum amount that is required by the casino or particular payment method.
  4. Check for available bonuses. Most online casinos allow you to use various promotions to start playing your favorite games. Check if some of those offers are good for you. Make sure that the bonuses have transparent and affordable wagering requirements.

Now you need to choose your favorite roulette game and start playing it. Keep in mind that bonuses are not available for most live dealer games.

Desc: There are plenty of roulette games that you can play online. Our experts will provide you with some important information about those games and their varieties.

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