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Win Money in Online Casino Roulette

Win Money in Online Casino Roulette

Online roulette sites are among the most popular casinos as this game attracts millions of gamblers every year. This game is very popular for being very simple and requiring no skills from you. You can’t predict the outcome of the round as the wheel contains 37–38 sections. However, you can guess and, if you are lucky enough, you will win.

Roulette is one of the most popular table games in India. Local punters love those odd/even, red/black bets, giving them almost a 50% chance to win. If you want to play for real money, below you can find descriptions of the most popular online roulette variations and some useful tips.

European and French Roulette

This is one of the most popular types of roulette that online casinos offer to Indian players. European roulette has 37 pockets and one zero section, which decreases the house edge to 2.6%. This is the main reason gamblers choose this variation.

As for the types of bets, they are standard. You can bet on numbers, a group of numbers, red/black, and odd/even features.

French roulette is a kind of variation of European roulette, which has two interesting features that you may like. The first is called “La Partage”. This rule applies to red/black or odd/even bets only. If the ball lands on a zero section, your stake amount is divided into two and half of it returns to your balance. With this option, your winning odds are significantly higher and the house edge goes down to slightly above 1%.

Another great option that you can use when playing the French version of roulette is the “En Prison” feature. This is translated as “in jail” from the French. This feature works when the ball lands on zero. If this happens, the dealer puts your stake “En Prison”, meaning he or she freezes it until the next round ends. If you win the next round, you get the payout and your “En Prison” stake back. Otherwise, you lose your “En Prison” money. With this feature, the house edge goes down to as little as 1.3%.

American Roulette

As it comes from its name, this version of roulette appeared in the United States first. However, if you are playing online roulette games, you can find it on most websites of this kind nowadays. The main feature of American roulette is that the wheel has two zero sections. As you may guess, the house edge goes up in this case by almost 6%, which may seem inappropriate.

However, the good news is that the payouts are higher when you play American Roulette as compared to the payouts that you can get when playing European or French Roulette variations. It is up to you to decide which one to play. However, as we have already mentioned, you have better chances of winning when playing European and French Roulette games.

Double Ball Roulette

This kind of roulette comes from Vegas, where it first appeared in the XXth century. Nowadays, Indian players can try it in online roulette casinos by simply finding this game in the list of titles.

Double Ball Roulette is played on the European wheel, meaning it has only one zero section. As you may guess from its name, Double Ball Roulette is played with two balls, which increases the chances of winning the round, but the payout is lower, which is bad news.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

This is another exotic type of online roulette for real money games that you can find across modern online casinos. The game has the same mechanics, but this time you play with several wheels, which increases the winning odds.

It works even simpler than that. If you bet on black and all four wheels land the ball on black, you win. You can also choose the number of active wheels, which adds some strategic aspects to the game. Instead of simply using all eight wheels, for instance, you can choose six. This game is a great opportunity to use a roulette strategy like Martingale. However, you should keep in mind that none of those tactics guarantees your success. Moreover, with such gambling systems like Martingale, your money may be at higher risk.

Fast Roulette

This is a special type of game that increases the speed of each round. Moreover, fast or rapid roulette attracts more players, which gives more benefits for a particular casino, as the more gamblers sitting at the table, the more eventual profits the gambling site may collect at the end. The games have random number generators and live dealer versions, allowing you to try both.

Mini Roulette

This is another variation of a classic casino game with only 13 sections on the wheel instead of the 37 that you can find when you play European Roulette or even 38 sections on the American wheel.

There is one more interesting feature that you can benefit from. Similar to the French Roulette “La Partage” feature, Mini Roulette allows you to share losses with the house if the ball lands on a zero section.

Some Useful Tips

When you know more about the types of roulette for real money games, we will provide you with some useful tips that will help you play comfortably. You will not find any secrets on how to beat the casino, as there aren’t any, especially when you deal with games like roulette. However, those pieces of advice can be used in order to avoid those situations when gambling no longer offers you anything more than growing losses and negative emotions.

Learn More about Odds

Before playing a particular roulette game that a casino site offers, you should do a little research to find out the odds that you can expect from each type or variation of this title. As we have already mentioned, French roulette offers the best winning odds with its “En Prison” and “La Partage” options. The lowest winning odds you can find with the American version of roulette, which are above 5% per round.

Plan Your Gambling Budget Carefully

You should always think about how much money you are willing to lose when playing the game. This should be a fixed amount that you should never exceed. Otherwise, you may have problems with gambling. If you decide, for instance, to put at risk Rs 1,000 per day, you should stick to this amount, whatever it takes.

Limit Your Gambling Time

This is another important recommendation that you should stick to. It is better to think about how many hours you are willing to spend at the virtual table per day. Whatever happens, meaning whether you have a winning or losing streak, you should be prepared to leave the desktop or mobile roulette game at a set time.

Use Various Strategies, But Never Rely on Them Too Much

The problem that many gamblers, especially those with little experience, may face is that they are trying to find various winning strategies and relying too much on them. It is to mention that there is no tactics that is able to rise your winning odds to 100% in each round.

Using Martingale, for instance, may seem reasonable, but you should never forget about the risks that this strategy involves. Martingale works well on demo, when you play a free roulette game with virtual money. However, when you invest your own funds and they are limited, you may lose them all.

Find a Trustworthy Casino

This is a very important recommendation that we would advise you to focus on. When playing with reliable casinos, you can avoid those non-gambling risks related to the casino’s misbehavior. Below you can find some of the key bullets that you can use to find a trustworthy casino site:

  1. A reliable gambling site should have a license from an authorized authority. The most popular licenses come from Curacao, Malta, Gibraltar, and other regions. When a casino is licensed, you may be sure that your money is safe and your gambling activities are protected by independent bodies.
  2. When picking a particular online casino, make sure it offers a wide range of games and roulette variations. If you want to play European or American roulette, for instance, you can find them on most gambling sites that accept Indian players. As for exotic versions like Mini, or Multi-Wheel Roulette, you will have to do some research to find them.
  3. Make sure the website you choose offers a variety of payment options. Most online casinos nowadays allow you to pay and grab your winnings using credit and debit cards, electronic wallets, cryptocurrencies, some local Indian banking options, etc. When choosing a particular payment system, take note of the transaction speed and time.
  4. Look for online casinos that cooperate with trustworthy software providers. If you are playing online roulette with a live dealer or an RNG-based version of this game, you should be 100% sure that the game results are not manipulated. Trustworthy software vendors undergo audits that confirm that their software is fair and reliable.
  5. Check the customer support. The best online casinos in India care about their clients and provide them with top-notch support services. Before you create an account with one of those casinos, you should check if the support team gives quick and informative answers.

There Are no Biased Wheels When You Deal with Online Roulette

Some of you may have heard of or even played those land-based roulette games with biased wheels, which help the ball land in specific sections. This may be caused by a special construction feature of the physical casino wheel. When it comes to online casino wheels, especially in RNG-based games, such defects are impossible as the random number generator defines the results, which, in turn, is a whole different process.

When an RNG-based roulette spins, the random function defines which exact number will be hit. This is why trying to use this biased wheel approach is useless.

Know When to Stop Gambling

There are those winning and losing streaks that you may encounter during your gambling journey. However, you should always remember that each winning streak comes to an end. With this in mind, it is a good idea to define where to stop, even if you have won five rounds in a row. No one can predict when the winning streak ends. You can and should stop playing before the first loss occurs.

Play Both RNG-Based and Live Casino Games

To shake things up a little bit, you can play both versions of roulette. RNG-based is a good opportunity for beginners, as they don’t have to invest heavily while playing their first rounds. RNG-based roulette games allow you to start with as little as $0.20 in most cases.

When it comes to live casino roulette variations, they require more investment to be put into them, and, therefore, they are more suitable for gamblers with more skills and experience. However, seasoned players also like RNG-based roulette games as they allow them to practice some strategies for real money.

Keep In Mind the House Edge

Before engaging in gambling, you should understand that casinos are not charities. They are not here to give you their money. Playing at a casino involves risks for both parties. You put your money at risk when placing bets, while a casino risks its money in each particular round.

This is why there is always a house edge and all casino games have it. The house edge works in the long term, meaning if you play a particular game for a couple of months, you will still lose a part of your investment. Even with the 1.3% house edge that French Roulette offers, you are not still on the winning side.

The good news is that when you play games with higher risks, like inside bets in roulette, you have a chance of winning larger amounts. If you are lucky enough, this may totally change the situation, and you may now bet the casino. However, when playing any particular casino game, you shouldn’t forget about the house edge and its impact on your eventual profits and losses.

Desc: If you are wondering how to win money in online roulette, this brief guide is a must-read for you. You will find out more about types of roulette and their main features

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